Create Multiple Income Streams with this Simple Therapy That Your Clients Will Love! 
Become Certified in Nutrient Body Sculpt From America's Top Expert Meggie Jones
It is not easy, launching and growing your own business or practice. It is too easy to getting caught up in trading time for money and even worse, at the end of all that hard work it’s the middle of the month and your bank account is not where you want it to be. Living client to client or paycheck to paycheck is getting old. Real old .

With the cost of living going up, housing, food, gas and health insurance just keep getting more expensive—and unexpected expenses always seem come along as well. The latest stats show beauty professionals and estheticians average $40K a year with massage therapists average $60K.

Who wants to just get by, anyway? There is life to be lived too, vacations to take, classes to learn from and gifts to buy for special celebrations.

Add to that retirement savings, life insurance, school expenses for your kids and more- it’s clear: We could all use more money, and multiple income streams are the way to make that happen so you can stop trading time for money and start getting rewarded for all your hard work. 

As massage therapists, fitness trainers and beauty professionals, you are limited in how much we can earn with just appointments. Even if you are booked solid and working as much as possible, you can only do so much before risking injury or burn out. 

The great news is there are many opportunities to create multiple income streams and earn more money with less stress on our bodies by diversifying and creating some additional income streams as you impact your clients even more. The income streams you pick can complement your business or give you something new and completely different to pursue. The choice is yours.

We have that perfect and proven opportunity to earn much more with a revolutionary new service that is already popular with Hollywood celebrities. From Emmy winners to Broadway’s biggest stars, Nutrient Body Sculpt is the go-to product for that slimmer silhouette that your clients will love. 
Formulated by the world's top antioxidant scientists, Nutrient Body Sculpt is a micronutrient and mineral solution, designed to hydrate the body as it tightens and tones. New research shows that absorption of micronutrients and minerals on the skin may best address nutritional deficiencies. This transdermal regimen accelerates health and cosmetic benefits that create radiance in clients. 
Our doctor-endorsed proprietary solution is a vegan, natural premium product that is the perfect complement to your health or beauty regimen. A Nutrient Body Sculpt session can assist your clients’ goals to:
  •  Tighten and tone
  •  Increase body contour
  •  Lift thighs, buttocks and breasts
  •  Minimizes fine lines
  •  Relieves stress
  •  Relax the body
“It’s a whole new experience. I could feel my body receiving the nutrients it needs as it aesthetically improves. This product gives me amazing energy. What a find!”
LORETTA SWIT - Two-time Emmy winner and star of M*A*S*H
“Most people are suffering from malnutrition. This is an all-inclusive health treatment I would advise anyone to do."
MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH - “The Secret,” founder, Agape International Spiritual Center
“It tightened my skin plus I saw the effect immediately on my face. I am approached by a lot of people with products but this really works!”
TIPPI HEDREN - Legendary actress and animal activist
“Nutrient Body Sculpt is my beauty secret weapon. I slimmed down for the Emmys–and won”
CAROLYN HENNESY - Emmy-winning actress, “General Hospital”
Here's How It Works
Nutrient Body Sculpt is amazing. Many of our clients see benefits after just one or two sessions and immediately start feeling more toned and relaxed. Our standard rate per session is $300 but we offer have package deals that have been very lucrative. For example, we offer 10 sessions for $2400. Now just get just ten clients and you could make an extra $24,000!

We know it can be done because our CEO Meggie Jones is the perfect case study for how to grow your business. With an investment of $1,000, a sub-lease, and a month’s free rent, Meggie’s spa in Gilbert, Arizona grew from 1,000 to 7,000 square feet in three years. She later expanded the business to occupy 10,000 square feet, as her innovative sculpting product racked up sales over $500,000 each year. Meggie will certify you in Nutrient Body Sculpt process and share with you her secrets to 10X your business. 
Meggie has blocked off three dates for her exclusive certification training sessions at our flagship location in Los Angeles. Space is extremely limited. 
Upcoming Dates
February 17 - 4pm - 10pm 
February 22 - 11am - 5pm 
March 1 - 11am - 5pm
March 11 - 4pm - 10pm
At the end of the training, you can do the sessions at a location you determine. Or we have a special deal for new trainees where you can do your appointments at our Marina Del Rey location. 
For those who wish to increase their revenue even more we offer three registration packages in which you Nutrient Body Sculpt at a special introductory rate.
VIP Enrollment: $4999
200 packages of Nutrient Body Sculpt
($60,000 in REVENUE)

Platinum Enrollment: $2499
 70 packages of Nutrient Body Sculpt
($21,000 in REVENUE)

Starter Enrollment: $999 
15 packages of Nutrient Body Sculpt
($4,500 in REVENUE)

Expanding your business and offering your clients Nutrient Body Sculpt is an effective and manageable way to increase your income with the clients you already have-and your future clients you’ll attract with this new product offering.
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